SaaS Disaster Recovery

SaaS Disaster Recovery (David Taber – ComputerWorld)

Here is a great article on SaaS (Software as a Service) Disaster Recovery. I really like the HIDE data ideas.
Disaster Recovery in any data dependant system is the responsibility of the client and in SaaS systems the Vendor/Provider. The client should always have the option to backup their data and download it from the SaaS system. We will see more of these types of issues as time goes by. Look at; wouldn't it be nice to backup your profile? One of these days I predict that one of these social systems will have a Major Disaster and hopefully they have backed up their backups, it would be easier to have an additional backup plan, and that is the user having the capability to back up their own wall and profile. I am sure we will see this capability soon. For now keep holding your breathe!

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