Apple to attack Windows 7 using Puddy

Apple to attack Windows 7 using Puddy (CNN)

You got to love the Apple TV commercials attacking Microsoft's Windows Operating systems. Windows 7 is being released very soon. Apple and Google have new releases of their Operating systems too. In Business and Government the Microsoft Windows Operating system is by far the leader. The Mac OS10 system is very good, I have a few Macs and Vista reminds me of some of the features in the Mac OS systems and Visa Versa. I don't think there will be a day when I go to a government agency and see Macs everywhere when applying for permits or licenses, but you never know. As software becomes more hosted, SAAS, or Service based, the Browser becomes more important than the operating system it runs on. This reminds me how not so long ago; Microsoft Windows had to run ontop of DOS. You had to install DOS first then you installed Windows on X86 systems. DOS became less important from the experience of the end-user, as now the operating system is moving to today and in the future. In Software Development right now, Virtual Machines are wonderful for testing your software over many operating systems and browsers. However, I see Server Operating systems hosting web-based software and accessing databases as a Platform for Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Google and anybody else to fight it out on Speed, Security, Safety, and Space.

Enjoy the commericals today, I wonder 20 years from now what they will be like?

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