Food for thought, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service a time bomb getting ready to explode!!

Food for thought, Platform and Infrastructure a Service a time bomb getting ready to explode!!

The last few months I have been watching people (Investors and new Start Ups) invest a ton of money and time in developing their software systems that are dependant on Platforms and Infrastructure as a service. They run on services like Amazon, and especially My biggest concern is the Technology being used by these services. I know that most are not transferable. So if you build a solution on, it cannot run on Microsoft Azure and so on. (I know this will change over time) 

Let us say you development your application using You go live with it, you get 100 customers, everything is running great. Then 6 months from now you find out that is in a legal battle with some other company or person that claim that they infrinched on their copy write or patient on some technology they are using to run the Platform and Infrastructure , and a judge shuts them down. You are out of business, then your customers and investors will go after you. I see this on CNN Business section a lot. Skype is in this problem as we speak.

I brought this up at a few technology meetings with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Its a serious problem. Everyone at these meetings talk about future standards to move your application from Platform to Platform, and Infrastructure to Infrastructure .

I predict that in 12 months a major case is coming. Food for thought!

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