Is the Recession Over? It sure feels like it!

Is the Recession Over? It sure feels like it!

The Feds say the worst is behind us. I would have to agree, yet still be a little conservative, yet I am always conservative in business and liberal politically…. The Software Business has really picked up the last two months. We have clients purchasing up to 5 years in advance on Maintenance contracts getting the discounts, and prepaying for future enhancements. This is a good sign, along with new clients from Federal Agencies, Utility Corporations, and Local Governments. Software and services are being purchased, and investment in new technology is going right along. But in the large picture, Every Cab driver I speak with tell me they have it very tough. I see more homeless people on the streets at night when I am walking to the subway. More people are begging for money on the subway. Office space is available everywhere and at a fraction of what it was just last year. In Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Northern Africa is seems the same to me. A lot of unemployed people are going back to school.

We as a Nation might be on the road of recovery, however its going to be tough goings for a lot of people. Cloud Computing is here, and interesting in this down market. If the recession is behind us, how is this going to impact Cloud Services? Will it create jobs here in the USA? Time will tell. I do believe we as a Nation and the Global Economic systems are in for many years of tough times and tough changes. If you are a company with large debt and old technology you will not be around 5 years from now. So its going to be interesting to see who is left standing by 2014. Will BFA, GM, Google, Microsoft, and AIG still be around? Your guess is good as mine.

I hope the signs of recovery are the real deal. My next blog will be more tech, I read my email and some of you wanted less tech. So here is less tech!!

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