Is outsourcing jobs and technology killing America?

Is outsourcing jobs and technology killing America?

This debate has been going on for many years. I believe the outsourcing of jobs and technology has hurt America. It might be good for corporations in the short term, but in the long term, it will reduce American jobs and the triple down economics that feeds America will get smaller and smaller until everyone is unemployed.

Here is a good article dated March 6, 2006 on this debate: Outsourcing : The debate in USA

Here is another article dated July 8, 2009 on this debate: We Need a Jobs Package, Not a Stimulus Package

We here at Adept Technologies, we are an American Corporation competing with many other software corporations that are based in China that have small pretend American offices. Watching American Governments awarding RFPs to these corporations is just amazing. Sending our badly needed government tax dollars overseas and eliminating American jobs amuses me. What has been very funny over the years is watching these municipalities spend Millions and Millions of dollars with these corporations, and these corporations never deliver the product, or deliver a product not worth what they paid. Maybe if the municipality did a better background check on these corporations and awarded these projects to American Corporations that actually care about America they would have got a product and kept jobs here! 

What even amuses me even more is when someone from the IT department that is fired from these municipalities, because of the mess of working with these outsourced corporations sends a resume to us, and says they should have gone with Adept after 3 years of hell and no product, and now no job!

I feel that especially now, if I was on a city council and I was voting to award a Technology Project, I would make it a requirement that Outsourcing is NOT Allowed. I would do a background check on the company and see if it truly is owned and controlled in the United States of America, and NOT China or any other country. I left my last job before I started Adept, because the company was sold to a company controlled by China.

The next time an elected official wants your vote, do YOUR background on how they voted. If they awarded any government contract to a company not owned in the USA, DON'T vote for them!