Sophisticated cyber-attack hits Energy Department, China possible suspect

Sophisticated cyber-attack hits Energy Department, China possible suspect (

02/04/2013 – Cyber Security

The Energy Department has been hit by a major cyber-attack, which resulted in the personal information of several hundred employees being compromised and could have been aimed at obtaining other sensitive information, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

FBI agents are investigating the attacks, which happened two weeks ago, at the Washington-based headquarters. Fourteen computer servers and 20 workstations reportedly were penetrated during the attack.

China, as well as Iran, have been after Energy Department secrets. Several groups and agencies have warned about stepped-up cyber activities out of China.

“China continues to develop its capabilities in the cyber arena,” the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission said in a November 2012 report to Congress. “U.S. industry and a range of government and military targets face repeated exploitation attempts by Chinese hackers as do international organizations and nongovernmental groups including Chinese dissident groups, activists, religious organizations, rights groups, and media institutions.”

Officials tell the Beacon they’re working to plug security holes in the system and are developing ways to prevent a similar cyber attack in the future.

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My Two Cents: Cyber-attacks are only going to get worse. This problem is not about an indvidual college kid hacking into a school system to change a grade. This is a collective problem, where government intelligence organizations are behind these attacks. This is just the beginning.

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