Cloud computing and your career


Cloud computing and your career

Here is an interesting article about us IT people afraid of losing our jobs to the services provided in the cloud. We at Adept are not afraid of the cloud, or software as a service, or any service provided by vendor offerings accessed through our Internet connections anywhere in the world.

Now as far as having a good career these days, we as IT people regardless if you are a Network Admin, Web Developer, Windows Developer, Database Admin, and all Managers, need to be proficient on all the NEW technology coming available these next 5 years. I would really look at the Microsoft Azure Server Platforms, and be ready for them, along with Amazon, Google Apps, and other cloud offerings.

I don't see jobs being lost, in fact if you have the current skills, I see jobs being created. If you are an IT person working for large corporations I don't see your large corporation moving to the cloud, however if you are a small corporation that never could afford a full time IT person, I see them moving to on demand software systems to reduce cost. There are a lot more small corporations than BIG corporations, and most are still on paper tracking systems. I see more demand for IT professionals over the next 5 years, as more small corporations are able to afford software systems on demand. We will see…..

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