I Think its Time to Kill the word “Cloud”

I Think its Time to Kill the word "Cloud"

I keep reading and hearing the term Cloud and what is a TRUE Cloud application running in the cloud and what is considered NOT an application running in the cloud, SAAS is NOT a true cloud application and so on. To be frank I believe any application that is NOT an On Premise application is a Cloud application regardless if the servers are controlled or are service based servers where the processor calculations are known or not known. Our clients and the world should care and not care based upon what operations they are purchasing.


If the applications are installed on your computer and the data is stored inside your firewall it’s NOT a cloud application.

If the Application is a hosted solution and the data is stored outside your firewall it’s in the cloud. Let’s all not argue about this anymore. In fact let’s just kill the word "Cloud". On premise and off premise systems seem a better solution to such a cloudy term as "Cloud"

Pizza was good tonight, thanks Bill from Microsoft NYC, and IASA NYC chapter !!


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