Cloud Security Techniques

Cloud Security Techniques

As we develop more web-based applications our potential down-time events from this Technology are connection problem events and Security events.

The connection problems will be based upon your ISP (internet access).

I have seen a lot of Technology that addresses the Security Issues, however I feel Security in the Cloud is not there yet. We with our Partners are actively working on new technology to give better security for Online Identification, User identification and Client to Server Identification. The TCP IP and SSL systems are just not enough along with everything that is out there, including what the banks and government uses. We need more outside the box systems. Where the server knows the client is really the client regardless where in the universe the client is, then we need to make sure the user who is operating the client is really the user to allow access to. I call it a Triple Squared hand shake.

I am hoping to see more on this issue over the next few months, especially from Microsoft and Google.

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