Cloud Computing 2.0?

Cloud Computing 2.0?

Here in New York City, we Adept developers get invited to MANY discussion groups on Cloud Computing. Here we exchange business cards and listen to developers from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and a whole bunch of other software and service based corporations about the subject. One event I attended a few weeks ago at the Microsoft NYC Headquarters was on Cloud Computing 2.0. Wow we are on 2.0 already? Where did Beta and 1.0 go? I sure hope these folks don't think this is 2.0 of the old .COM mess. Where suddenly all these NON-Techs tried to start web based companies to sale anything from dog food to government permitting (GOVWORKS.COM) with no experence what so ever. Then the VCs and Angel Investors gave them Millions and Millions of dollars that went to more parties and Aeron Chairs than really doing anything productive with it.

At some of these discussion groups I heard the same old stuff I heard back in the 1990s, just packaged differently. The business plans are different, yet the same old end result, seems to keep coming back. Online services, reduces cost, Exchange Value, be first in the market and so on.

One major change I see is, back in the 1990s everyone tried to get a fee for a transaction. Here in 2009 everyone now skips this fee and wants a subscription based model. I like this change. I remember when I was at Accela back in 1999, sitting in on meetings where they wanted to get a fee for every permit issued online. They would always say if we can only get 1% of all the Millions and Millions of Permit fees issued in the USA, their model would be successful. Well it wasn't.

I am hoping that Cloud Computing and the Subscription based model will bring High End software for the little guy, that could never afford the large investment in high end software. Well, we will see!

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