Backing Up Virtual Machines

Backing Up Virtual Machines

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I cannot imagine a total loss of data. Anyone that is not backing up and backing up the backups is going to lose data.
Many years ago I was called to a County in Florida on the beach which was nice, that's Permits Plus database was corrupted. They had been down for a few months, and were issuing permits by hand. Since I had left Accela I hadn't worked on Permits Plus for a few years, and I never wanted to work on that system ever again. Anyway it was a database problem and I had them up and running in a few hours. BUT they didn't have any backups that were good. The backups were corrupted. So you can backup all you want, but you need to test those backups and make sure they are good. To make a long story short they lost 6 months of data, and had to reenter the permits by hand, which wasn't that bad. BUT if they had a backup that worked and it was tested by IT they wouldn't have lost any data. IT should have been fired on this one!

One of my favorite stories was Coweta County GA… about Murphys Law. The IT director there was the best I have ever worked with, he is retired now, but boy what he did with his backup systems was smart. But a crazy set of events would have destroyed any normal IT department's basic Backup system, but not Coweta. Coweta did Tape Backups, and Backups to Backup Servers, along with other backups I will not talk about here. Their Payroll system went down, the production server died, the backup server was up, but the data was some how corrupted, so they went to tape backup system, the tape got ate by the tape drive, it died, then they went to the backup server system. It was successful but then it crashed and died too, but they were successful in getting the data to the correct backup production server. Everyone got paid! New Servers were ordered and Dell was shipping them ASAP. So the UPS guy shows up with the new servers and drops them off the Truck loading dock about 8 feet and the new servers were destroyed, Dell shipped a new batch of servers that UPS had to pay for, now as this mess is going on production is working with very limited backups. Very scary. However Cecil had already saw that this was getting too scary and made sure the backups were double safe, and moved them onto another server to double backup, after the tape drives were running again. What I am trying to say here, is you MUST have reduntant backup systems. With different modes of backup media. Just one isn't going to do it! A Human Being needs to be in charge. I have seen some crazy stuff in my career.

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