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Adept Enterprise® Foundations is an edge of the cloud and/or cloud enterprise software platform that provides convenient, centralized access for the comprehensive management and automation of mission critical data.

Accessing your sensitive data anywhere, fast, and secure not only enhances productivity, but also streamlines management processes and enhances working relationships with your employees and customers, saving time and money.

Adept provides integrated cybersecurity technology within all of our Business Management software systems. Every Adept system comes with end-to-end customization tailored to meet your organization’s unique business processes and growing needs. Adept’s flexible enterprise wide licensing plans provide you with options to purchase only what you need.

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Adept Technologies Inc. is a leading enterprise software corporation helping businesses and governments improve services and reduce costs by leveraging our innovative Adept Enterprise ® software, services, and cybersecurity.

Since 2001 we have provided configurable enterprise software, services, and cybersecurity to governments, power companies and fortune 500 companies.

Our team of dedicated technology experts led by seasoned professionals are constantly trailblazing new technology and we look forward to the continual solving of industry wide challenges with our breakthrough software solutions.

Contact us today toll free 1-888-392-9623 to find out more on how Adept Technologies can save you money by utilizing our services and software technology.

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