Buying cloud access security brokers with confidence

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Buying cloud access security brokers with confidence (


IT security professionals buying cloud access security broker services must focus on what the technology now offers and determine precisely what their company IT architecture requires. Here’s how.

With the explosion in cloud service adoption in the last several years, organizations are realizing a disturbing security reality — they don’t know what they don’t know. Data is being stored and accessed in cloud environments that organizations do not see and cannot control, and security capabilities within the cloud provider environments have been slow to reach parity with in-house enterprise security controls. Buying cloud security services that control and monitor the information organizations are sending to the cloud is essential to any organization’s security strategy.

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We at Adept Technologies are excited based on our new release of our Secure Cloud “Adept Secure” that protects the Adept Enterprise foundation, its modular platforms and data. Customers who are already on the infrastructure will be moved automatically over to the infrastructure. No need for our customers to purchase cloud access security broker services. Its included in our offerings.

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