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Google knows too much about you (

If you use Google, It has every e-mail you ever sent or received on Gmail. It has every search you ever made, the contents of every chat you ever had over Google Talk. Google holds a record of every telephone conversation you had using Google Voice, it knows every Google Alert you’ve set up. It has your Google Calendar with all content going back as far as you’ve used it, including everything you’ve done every day since then. It knows your contact list with all the information you may have included about yourself and the people you know. It has your pictures, your news page configuration, indicating what topics you’re most interested in. And so on.
If you ever used Google while logged in to your account to search for a person, a symptom, a medical side effect, a political idea; if you ever gossiped using one of Google’s services, all of this is on Google’s servers. And thanks to the magic of Google’s algorithms, it is easy to sift through the information because Google search works like a charm. Google can even track searches on your computer when you’re not logged in for up to six months. (Continue reading at

My Two Cents: Yes, Google tracks you and stores your information. People tend to forget that Google is not a personal private service that for free allows you all these services. The masses have value in search trends and information, Google leverages this value. You have the option NOT to use their services, or if you don’t care about your privacy use their services. I personally use these services as public domain, if I don’t want the world to know what color of underwear I have on, I will not use google services or facebook about this personal information. I am sure Google knows what the most common and uncommon underwear color is used along with other personal data that really should not be known. So remember Google is Public, Facebook is Public!!

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