Quantum Teleportation

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Quantum Teleportation (http://www.popsci.com)

How Quantum Teleportation Can Bring Us Secure Communications
New advances in quantum teleportation keep coming with greater frequency. Today, a team of European physicists sets the bar higher than ever before. After officially reporting teleportation across nearly 90 miles, through the turbulent ocean atmosphere of the Canary Islands, physicists could be ready to take on the greatest challenge yet — an attempt to teleport particles into space. (Continue reading at http://www.popsci.com)

“It’s quite possible to teleport photons and ions, maybe many of them within a very carefully controlled quantum computer.”
To beam up a person, you’d have to create a suitable — but not easily conceivable — entangled resource, a second “person.” Then you would have to destroy the original self of the teleported living thing, Grangier said.

My Two Cents: Quantum Teleportation!! One of these days you will be able to email yourself somewhere, however the destroy the original self is not the correct term.

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