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  • "What continues to stand out most about working with Adept is the overall outstanding integrity of this firm. They are extremely dependable, responsive and professional. We are satisfied with our product and look forward to working with them in the future."


  • "Our Power Company could not have achieved FERC compliance with out the dynamic and integral relationship it maintains daily with Adept Technologies. Any challenge we face they incorporate it. Any FERC requirement we have they meet it. Our Power Company could not continue to provide the safe and economical generation of hydro power in the world we live in as FERC licensees without Adept's help. "


  • "We have been very blessed to have Adept Technologies. We reviewed a lot of companies. Adept Technologies was the only one that said ‘of course we can do that’ or ‘we did not think of that, sure we can do it’. These are a group of extraordinary individuals! They have worked with us on numerous changes throughout the years, which have made our jobs a lot easier. Adept Technologies has been our vendor since 2005."


  • "One of many reasons our County selected Adept Technologies to replace the county's existing Permits Plus permitting system is the flexibility afforded by the Adept system. The ability to integrate the various associated databases used by the county played a major key factor in contracting with Adept."


Why Us?
Since December of 2001, Adept Technologies ® has been providing fully integrated enterprise software solutions to corporate businesses focused on power generation and distribution, along with municipal governments that are focused on all aspects of land management and community development.

We have built a reputation for software excellence and exceptional service based upon our dedication to building long-term relationships with our customers. We take pride in acquiring an in-depth understanding of our clients' businesses, allowing our Business Integration Specialists to provide highly relevant and value driven software solutions.

Adept Technologies ® offers superior training and support, driving greater returns on our customer's investment in our technology. Our partnered approach helps our customers to achieve their goals by improving process efficiencies and by enhancing competitiveness.

Since the release of Adept Enterprise ® our premier Enterprise Management Software system, Adept Technologies ® has continued to enhance our Edge and Cloud software products and services.

Our USA based out of the box thinking software engineers, led by seasoned professionals are constantly trailblazing new technology.
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